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The theme of this conference is “Small Exquisite Materials”, focusing on the technological innovation and quality improvement of garment accessories. During the two-day series of activities, domestic and foreign experts predict and analyze industry trends, and well-known garment enterprises share the use of auxiliary materials and accessories. Enterprises and scientific research institutions promote innovation results and experience in improving the quality of auxiliary materials production... Multi-angle and all-round display of the latest trends in the development of the auxiliary materials industry and the development trend of science and technology. "One button" conveys clothing culture At the opening ceremony of the conference, the China National Textile and Apparel Council and the Shishi Municipal People's Government held a signing ceremony for the construction of a world-class auxiliary material industry cluster. At the same time, Sun Ruizhe, President of the China National Textile and Apparel Council and Chairman of the China Textile Engineering Society, awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award of the 2019 China Garment Accessories Conference of the Shishi Municipal People's Government on behalf of the China Textile Engineering Society.

Fu Guangwei, executive vice president of the China Textile Engineering Society, said that although the clothing accessories are very small, there are huge business opportunities and potentials in the process of quality, design and innovation. There are thousands of accessories companies in Shishi, which are stone lions. The economic and social development makes a very important contribution. Focusing on the development of industrial economy, with the strong support of the Shishi Municipal People's Government, the national innovation model of “one museum, one hospital and one center” has already sounded the horn of the accessory industry to high quality development, adding to the Shishi accessories industry. Fu Guangwei said that in the process of high-quality development, transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry, the current emphasis on the auxiliary materials industry is not enough. "In the original intention of promoting the development of the Shishi garment accessories industry, the China Garment Accessories Conference was held. A small button or ordinary zipper conveys the understanding of high-quality clothing and high-quality life in the Shishi accessories industry."

“Small accessories, great excitement”, Zhang Yongan, deputy mayor of Shishi City, said that the 2019 China Garment Accessories Conference was held in Shishi. It was not only an industry event that discussed the development of blueprints, but also provided a common development for Shishi. A rare opportunity. Shishi has established a 16th place in the top 100 small and medium-sized cities in China with its comprehensive economic strength. In the past 30 years, it has formed a textile and garment industry chain with garment processing and production as its core. The advantages of industrial clusters are obvious. The accessories industry in Shishi textile and garment industry occupies a very important position. There are more than 1,000 garment accessories production enterprises in the city, and more than 3,000 accessories distributors are distributed in major cities at home and abroad. The auxiliary products are among the best in the national market. Next, Shishi City will further integrate resources, focus on realizing the advancement of the auxiliary industry cluster, build 100 billion yuan of industry, expand sales channels, etc., and further promote the Shishi garment accessories industry to a new level.

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